Our Meat Shop – Company Info

ince 1969, our meat shop, Omega Meats has been serving the Greater Toronto Area and clients across Ontario with fresh, high quality cuts of meat. Our business is about sourcing quality meats and delivering a final product that is tastier than the competition at a wholesale price.
Our meat shop serves over 300 business clients across the province of Ontario, including restaurants, supermarkets, banquet halls, wholesalers, distributors and many butchers and meat shops. Omega Meats has trucks that travel regional and city roads daily, deliver high quality meats and grocery products to the outer provincial boundaries in every direction. Our meat processing facility in Mississauga has the capacity to handle any request and as such, we are open to the pubic six days of the week.


Between the years of 1956 and 1961, George Andreopoulos, Speros Andreopoulos and Peter Tsouloufas immigrated to Canada to start a new life and a new business. In 1969, they came together to form Western Meat Packers Ltd. and A&T Food Holdings. It all started by making homemade hamburgers in their kitchen and selling them to stores across the Toronto area, often taking the subway or streetcar to make the delivery. Soon enough, their new found enterprise was growing out of control and the company quickly became a premier source of fresh, high quality meat across Ontario. Today the company is a family run business, known as Omega Meats with recognition across the province as one of the top providers of best tasting meats and other fine products.


For over 40 years, we have been known throughout Ontario as the meat company with the big red bull on the sign. After all this time, in late 2012, we decided to change the brand and corporate identity of the company with a brand new design. Incorporating our famous bull, we moved towards a more present day look with a logo that meshed the past, with the present and the future to create the logo you now see today on our website.


Omega Meats has been recognized with several awards over the years, including:
Gold / Best Frozen Food
Platinum / Best Frozen Food
Platinum / Best Butcher
Gold / Best Frozen Food
Gold / Best Butcher